Education has come under attack, and there is a need to reform. There are many which are on either side of the fence trying to understand the mistakes which need to be fixed in the education system which needs to be followed. There are recent criticism has been about the national model for education and the fact that students need to promoted from grade to the next revealed that more than one-third of the people were not entitled to receive the diplomas.

There also record high national graduation rates which can be due to the scandals in DC. There are many instances where the system was a dysfunctional mess, and from the past 15 years, there have been a few changes but not sufficient. High school kids are not dropping like they used to, but there needs to be a reform which can help with the resistant to reform. High school is a crucial point which needs to be set from the very first time. There are many kids who graduated yet are functionally illiterate. This is a lack of progress which can lead them to stay in upper-grade levels and can create a stubborn gap with the wealthier and poorer students.


The real problem begins at the high school level

There are many problems which manifest themselves in high school and have their roots in elementary school which does not require and bight ideas. These students need to understand the ninth grade readings, which is often the case in high poverty schools. There needs to be high demand that needs to be graduated within four years, but we need to give students the time to catch up and start looking at education as critical.

Highly effective teachers

This is one of the most important factors which plays a huge role in providing important reforms allowing the students to have the right tests and scores. A good teacher which make sure that the classroom moves and everyone is paying attention to everything the teacher is being asked. There are many increasing evidence which proves teachers performance which can provide them with high-quality instructional materials allowing them the right training to do so.

Highly effective teachers


This is one where students can easily read for their tests with the help of the resources available. Teachers need to make sure that they can go through the year and predict the performance of the students, which requires instructions on the results. Standardised tests are quite important, especially while illuminating the broad trends and inequities between the demographic groups which need guidance. Understanding the tests can help with the right skills and allow one to make the right inferences.


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