Keeping Cool: Innovation in Data Centre Technology

Innovation in technology is usually born from the capacity limitations of the current technology. Companies will try to work around the issue for some time, devising solutions that push the current limits a little further. But then, there will be a breakthrough. One of the potential solutions pays off and raises the bar once again. […]

Get Cash for Your Junk Technology and Put a Smile on Your Face

We live in a digital age that’s full of digital products. The technical revolution is fully underway and chances are you have more gadgets and gizmos than you could possibly need. Of course, nobody is blaming you. As technology progresses we all want to upgrade our items to have the latest and fastest products. However, […]

Home Improvements – Energy Efficiency

Efficient energy use or simply called energy efficiency is using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. Isolating a home is one good example of energy efficiency. Insulating a home allows it to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. Improving home energy efficiency provides a […]

Home Improvements – 8 Tips For Sprucing Up the Inside of Your Home When It’s Time to Sell

Making simple improvements to the inside of your home can be the difference between a sale or not. Or whether or not you receive your asking price. 1. Remove excess clutter. If your home is small, then you can’t afford to make it appear smaller with lots of bits and pieces, even if you are […]

Home Remodeling – Can a Complete Novice Manage a Home Improvement Project?

Have you just bought a home? Maybe your current home is where you want to stay but it needs to be improved or expanded. Would you like to take an active role in the process but you’re not sure what you can do or who to turn to for help? Question: I don’t know anything […]