Get Cash for Your Junk Technology and Put a Smile on Your Face

We live in a digital age that’s full of digital products. The technical revolution is fully underway and chances are you have more gadgets and gizmos than you could possibly need. Of course, nobody is blaming you. As technology progresses we all want to upgrade our items to have the latest and fastest products. However, what this does is create a lot of technological clutter that ends up sat in the dark, collecting dust. If that sounds like a few of your items, then go brush them off and consider selling them. This article will detail a few of the items you can easily turn into cash.

Mobile phones

Most people go through more mobile phones than hot dinners. Mobile technology companies are constantly releasing newer, quicker, more feature heavy models. Take the Iphone as an example. People are so desperate to get their hands on the new model that they camp out overnight just to be one of the first to have it.

Of course, all of this commotion comes at a price. Open up the average drawer and there’ll likely be a couple of ‘prehistoric’ mobile phones tucked away. These phones, although probably not desired by anybody anymore, still have useful parts that can be reused. Companies know this, and many have formed that offer mobile phone recycling. Depending on the age and functionality of your phone, you can usually get a fairly good price. Even if you don’t, it’s much better to recycle and make a bit of pocket change than it is cluttering up you’re drawer.


Old TV’s can often be spotted sat out on the curb outside of a house, waiting to be taken to landfill or kicked to smithereens by an angry mob. Although your old TV may be worthless compared to your shiny new cinema sized model, it can still be useful to somebody else. Many people can use old TV’s as a spare for their garage, caravan, or whatever else. So advertise it for sale. You may be surprised at the response you get.

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