Keeping Cool: Innovation in Data Centre Technology

Innovation in technology is usually born from the capacity limitations of the current technology. Companies will try to work around the issue for some time, devising solutions that push the current limits a little further. But then, there will be a breakthrough. One of the potential solutions pays off and raises the bar once again.

A major recent breakthrough in the commercial market has been in storage capacity. We saw commercial computers jump from storage capacities of megabytes to gigabytes then quickly develop to terabytes.

What limits are there on current data centre technology and how are innovators trying to overcome them?

Currently, one of the main limits to data centre technology is actually power. New high-performance machines require ever more energy to run and produce a lot more heat. The machines need cooling in order for them to run optimally which, in turn, requires more power. Thus a balance between cooling and infrastructure power must be reached and an adequate energy supply found.

As you may expect, one of the companies innovating at the forefront of this issue is Google. At their data centre in Belgium, Google have been experimenting with natural cooling solutions. By building their servers in individual cabins and locating them outside, they have harnessed natural air-flow for cooling.

Some of you may be sceptical of this approach, after all, if it were a case of using natural air flow to keep servers cool, wouldn’t everyone have done it? Well, the difference at Google is that they are experimenting by running their servers at much higher temperature than most data centres. At peak times, when the temperatures in their server huts are too hot for humans to work comfortably, they take ‘excursion hours’ away from physical maintenance to get on with other work, leaving their servers to run at around 30-40º C.

But doesn’t operating at high temperatures dramatically reduce server reliability?

Interestingly enough, not as much as you may think. Researchers at Toronto University have found that the error rate for servers in relation to temperature is not the exponential curve they initially expected. Rather it was a simple linear increase until you hit 50º C, meaning centres could run completely smoothly at far higher temperatures than is currently thought acceptable. In fact, they calculate that data centres could save 4% of their energy for every degree hotter they allow their servers to run (degrees Fahrenheit that is). This means the Google data centre in Belgium is by far their most energy efficient yet.

Technology Related Pain – A 21st Century Epidemic

With the rise in technology came an increase in technology related pain. Statistics show that this is not just a minor issue, it has rapidly turned into an epidemic.

There are several parts of the body that can be affected by technology use. One of the more common problems is inflammation in the wrists, usually caused by typing on a keyboard or texting on the phone. Even young people are now developing arthritis in their thumbs thanks to constant texting.

Texting and typing not only inflame the tendons within the hands and wrists, these actions can also affect the entire arm, even causing pain in the shoulder.

Another frequently seen issue is caused by poor posture. In fact, this is the leading cause of technology related injuries of the neck and back. Something as simple as having your monitor in a bad position can strain neck muscles and using your shoulder to hold your phone while doing something else with your hands can also strain your neck.

Holding the phone down low so that you have to tilt your head down to look at it is also bad for posture. The lower it is, the worse the strain on the neck. This is exacerbated by the fact that many people spend time laying on the couch with their bodies in awkward positions, checking their emails on the cell phone or reading on a tablet.

Many people ignore the symptoms which can turn into tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome when not treated. Persistent pain in the back, neck or arms should always be checked by a doctor, since ignoring it can lead to worse conditions.

Treating Tech-Related Injuries with Massage
While pain caused by the use of technology may be on the rise, that does not mean you cannot treat it or even prevent it. Massage is an excellent way to ensure that you do not end up in worse condition.

Massage therapy can ease the tension that builds up in frequently used muscles and help relax them. The massage process also boost blood flow throughout the body and particularly in the areas being worked on. Since increased blood flow means faster healing, this can be very beneficial after a strain.

Get Cash for Your Junk Technology and Put a Smile on Your Face

We live in a digital age that’s full of digital products. The technical revolution is fully underway and chances are you have more gadgets and gizmos than you could possibly need. Of course, nobody is blaming you. As technology progresses we all want to upgrade our items to have the latest and fastest products. However, what this does is create a lot of technological clutter that ends up sat in the dark, collecting dust. If that sounds like a few of your items, then go brush them off and consider selling them. This article will detail a few of the items you can easily turn into cash.

Mobile phones

Most people go through more mobile phones than hot dinners. Mobile technology companies are constantly releasing newer, quicker, more feature heavy models. Take the Iphone as an example. People are so desperate to get their hands on the new model that they camp out overnight just to be one of the first to have it.

Of course, all of this commotion comes at a price. Open up the average drawer and there’ll likely be a couple of ‘prehistoric’ mobile phones tucked away. These phones, although probably not desired by anybody anymore, still have useful parts that can be reused. Companies know this, and many have formed that offer mobile phone recycling. Depending on the age and functionality of your phone, you can usually get a fairly good price. Even if you don’t, it’s much better to recycle and make a bit of pocket change than it is cluttering up you’re drawer.


Old TV’s can often be spotted sat out on the curb outside of a house, waiting to be taken to landfill or kicked to smithereens by an angry mob. Although your old TV may be worthless compared to your shiny new cinema sized model, it can still be useful to somebody else. Many people can use old TV’s as a spare for their garage, caravan, or whatever else. So advertise it for sale. You may be surprised at the response you get.

The Use Of Spy Technology In The Home

Spy technology is not only prevalent in movies and undercover operations of the military. Many consumers who wish to have a safer domicile have actually brought them home. There are several kinds of gadgets that are considered to be state of the art and very advanced which can be used in the home. Among these are cameras of unbelievable sizes, motion detectors and other spying equipment that can give access to private conversations and activities.


These monitoring devices are among the most common spy technology devices prevalent in the domicile. These serve several purposes focused on the safety of the individuals and property in the house. The safety of the individuals in the dwelling is mainly connected to how these are installed. Some homeowners have actually contracted companies to monitor the activities that occur in and around their home. These companies surveil their clients’ homes regularly for any signs of danger or possible threats that may come from the outside and even within the home. There are also some homeowners who do not go to this extreme to protect themselves. They just leave their monitoring devices on and come home to check on the activities that occurred in and around their homes while they were away. They can also see if anybody has broken into their homes or if the help has been misbehaving while they are away. Spy technology also helps parents and homeowners who leave their cameras on while they are at work.

Parents and homeowners can access their individual private accounts via an encrypted network their Internet service provider has provided for them. At work, they can view the cameras which are equipped with this innovation and alert the authorities when there is something wrong at their house. Many of these cameras have recording devices that can playback the recording at the convenience of the homeowner. Mobile cameras mounted on everyday objects can also be positioned randomly in and around the house to be less conspicuous.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are monitoring devices that can warn the homeowners if there is a sizeable intruder that has crossed the perimeter on which the device is placed. It is usually made up of a laser light not visible to humans. When a sizeable intruder, usually bigger than a cat or thereabouts, breaks the line, an alarm sounds. This sort of spy technology is sometimes attached to other gadgets such as automatic lights, cameras and other recording devices.

Home Improvements – Energy Efficiency

Efficient energy use or simply called energy efficiency is using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. Isolating a home is one good example of energy efficiency. Insulating a home allows it to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. Improving home energy efficiency provides a lot of benefits. One thing is that energy efficiency reduces electricity consumption and helps in saving money.

Switching into energy saving does not only save money on your bills it also benefits the environment by protecting it. It also provides comfort at home. There are many ways to save energy. Here are the means to improve your home energy efficiency:

Lighting and appliances such as kettle, flat iron, television or washing machine, demands high power and so it also costs a lot of money. That’s why it is necessary to be responsible enough in doing small things such as switching off the lights whenever you leave the room or avoid using high powered appliances if not really necessary. With these, you will be surprised with amazing savings you’ll get. Also consider, energy saving light bulbs because it uses less electricity but it provide the light output as traditional bulbs.

There are lots of ways to minimize your heating costs. One of the biggest causes of high fuel bills and energy inefficiency comes from old boilers. Be sure to have yours regularly checked, not just to maximize efficiency but for safety reasons as well. You can find more energy efficient boiler system that use less fuel to run. The most energy efficient boilers are high efficiency condensing boilers. These convert more than 90% of their fuel into heat, compared to conventional types which are 78%.

Proper insulation of your home is also necessary to maintain a warm and comfortable temperature. There are actually a lot of easy and cheaper measures to isolate your home to make it warmer. Go for effective insulation systems because they slow the movement of heat and deal with the movement of moisture at a reasonable cost. There should be a minimum of thermal bridges. These are parts of the wall that, with a lower R value, extend from the warm side to the cold side of the insulation, giving heat an easy escape. The structural members in the wall will often be thermal bridges. If you have wooden floors in your home, you can fill gaps in floorboards. You can also eliminate draughts and wasted heat by fixing a brush or seal it to your outer doors.

Home Improvement Ideas Add Property Value

When you invest in a home it is most generally a long time commitment so it just makes sense that you want to maintain and improve the value of your investment. However when most people begin to think of the overall cost that is involved in maintaining their home and raising their property value they seem to give up all hope. However there are some improvements that will not cost you your life savings.

First of all you can begin by updating your windows. This will give you a variety of different benefits. One of the main ones being you can change the overall look of your home because windows come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. As a result, any types of style, design, or color you choose you stand to up the value of your home without spending a load of money. Besides the fact that it will change the overall look of your home, it will also provide you with a more energy efficient home as well. Older windows tend to leak cold air so they are not energy efficient and end up costing you more in energy bills then you are probably willing to spend.

You can also consider remodeling your kitchen. This is one of the best ways that you can add overall value to your home. You can achieve this in a wide range of ways. Adding new modern appliances, putting in new floors or counters, and even painting your kitchen will add a great value to your overall investment. Also some additional changes such as changing your sink faucet and lighting among others will also give your home a beautiful appeal to your home.

You can also consider giving your bathroom a facelift as well. Changing out the tub and updating the toilet are all great ways that you can add value to your home. Also changing the floor tile or applying paint will also make the room appear more welcoming. Adding new fixtures and counters are also a great way that you can value.

How about painting the outside of your home? This can have a huge impact on the overall value of your home and it is one of the best ways that you can beauty to your home without spending a lot of money.

Home Improvements – 8 Tips For Sprucing Up the Inside of Your Home When It’s Time to Sell

Making simple improvements to the inside of your home can be the difference between a sale or not. Or whether or not you receive your asking price.

1. Remove excess clutter. If your home is small, then you can’t afford to make it appear smaller with lots of bits and pieces, even if you are proud of them. Store excess belongings and clothes.

2. Clear out your garage. You will have to do it when you move so why not do it now.

3. Clean out your pantry, clean behind your fridge. It is easy to become used to a certain level of grime in our homes. We stop noticing it. Most of us have busy lives and our homes have a lived in feel. But this becomes instantly noticeable.

Your potential buyer will be subconsciously turned off. They might think if I can see this untidiness, what is there that I can’t see.

4. If there are marks or dints in the walls you need to repair them properly. Use a hardware store recommended filler. Sand it smooth once dried. Paint over the patch with some light strokes from a paint brush, now you must roll the entire wall.

You cannot just paint the patch. Firstly the paint you have stored away will not be the same colour as the paint that has been on the wall for even a year. Secondly the light will highlight these patches. Just do a quick cut in around the edges and roll the wall. I t will look fresh but it will complexly blend in.

5. Areas that interest female buyers the most are the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure they are clean, tidy and smell pleasant. The only time you can get away with these areas being shabby is if someone is looking for a bargain.

6. Having said all these things about being clean and tidy don’t put yourself and your family under undue stress. It can be extremely stressful for a family to keep a house looking spic and span knowing that there could be an inspection any day.

I was building us a new house and our home was on the market. I would leave early each day and my wife who was pregnant was left to tidy before she went to work. Our stress levels were through the roof. You don’t want to say no to an inspection so you just do too much. Just do your best.

Home Remodeling – Can a Complete Novice Manage a Home Improvement Project?

Have you just bought a home? Maybe your current home is where you want to stay but it needs to be improved or expanded. Would you like to take an active role in the process but you’re not sure what you can do or who to turn to for help?

Question: I don’t know anything about building … can I still run my own remodeling project?


They say that knowledge is power and I would agree. In building, the same holds true. But, how much do you really need to know?

Should you leave it all to the General Contractors, builders, subcontractors and others?

No. I’ve built a successful business helping people, perhaps like you, to successfully run their own remodeling projects and save money, get more of what they want and avoid the pitfalls that can so often jump up and bite you in the butt.


It can’t be slighted. The thing is, you CAN know too little. It’s difficult to manage people and processes when you have absolutely zero clue about what to expect. This is when builders and contractors are tempted to take advantage of you and ruin your whole experience.


A very small percentage of owner remodelers go it alone. These are usually people who are currently, or were formerly, in the home building trades or have very close associates in the trades that are willing to work closely with them.

Otherwise, a continuing commitment to learning, along with the use of a “Home Building Coach” is strongly recommended. You must know enough to ask for what is important. And you must know enough to demand certain things are provided for you.

Different Types Of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has many trends, which are updated regularly. But, you can select the jewelry only if you know the different types. So, for your help various types of fashion jewelry are described here.

• Handmade jewelry: Hand crafted jewelry has become very popular because of different styles, and it’s made of a combination of stones and beads. Such jewelry looks original compared to the rest of the types. A variety of the materials are used, hence you can wear it with any outfit. Moreover, you can also use simple pieces, creating a delicate look. Today, beads and stones are mostly used in bracelets and necklaces, including colors as blue and brown.

• Special jewelry: Special jewelry is developed for special events, like weddings or parties. It includes rings, brooches and necklaces, which sometimes become a fashion statement for others, but not a focal point. In this category crystals and heavy stones are mostly used.

• Earrings: Earrings have become very popular as fashion jewelry collections, besides the latest trends include large size, and dangling earrings. Moreover, this trend is increasing with the time, whereas a mixture of gold and silver is very popular.

• Bracelets: Another type includes bracelets, and the jewelry is considered incomplete without it. These days, huge and chunky bracelets are more in trend; similarly large bangles in various colors are also very popular and widely used along with fashion dresses. They are mostly made with stones to create a hand crafted look. Moreover, to make affordable items, stainless steel is used than silver, as silver is expensive. Besides, steel is very long-lasting, and the designers have developed amazing pieces in this material. The material is also mixed with beads to create an elegant look.

Tutorial: How to Make a Fashion Scarf

A fashion scarf is a scarf you wear more to liven up an outfit than to keep yourself warm on a cold winter’s night. However, these simple accessories can definitely help you to stay warm on a chilly spring or autumn afternoon. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy sewing project that doesn’t require a lot of time or supplies, this is the one for you.

What You’ll Need

• A piece of fabric that’s about 24 inches (2 feet) wide and 72 inches (6 feet) long
• Scissors
• Complimentary thread
• An iron
• Fabric glue (optional)
• Embellishments (optional)

Choosing Your Fabric

The fabrics used for this type of fashion scarf are usually very delicate and lightweight. Silk and chiffon are popular fabric choices. However, any soft, lightweight fabric that will feel good against the skin of your neck will do.

Whatever fabric you choose, make sure it looks good on both sides. Depending on how the scarf is tied, both sides will be visible as often as not, so you want both sides to be presentable.

For the scarf in the tutorial, choose a piece of fabric that’s about 24 inches wide and 72 inches long. But, really, you can make a fashion scarf out of a piece of fabric that is longer or shorter, wider or narrower. It’s really up to you. As you make more and more of these scarves, you’ll start judging on the fly how big or small you want a particular scarf to be.

Try experimenting with different sizes. If you like working with specific measurements, an easy way to get them is by looking through some fashion catalogs. When you see a scarf that seems to be a size you like, look at the measurements for that scarf in the product description. After that, all you have to do is apply those measurements to your own sewing project.